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A Quiet Title Action in Florida can save you both Money and Time when you sell your Property.

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When you buy a tax deed property, you canít obtain title insurance until a Quiet Title action is performed. If you plan to sell your property at a future date, the buyer will insist upon title insurance in order to insure the title to the property for the amount of the purchase price.

When you are a successful bidder at a tax deed sale, the deed to the property you obtain should be free and clear of any other liens or encumbrances, except for certain excluded liens for municipalities, etc. Unfortunately, the buyer of the tax deed property does not have "marketable title" unless a Quiet Title action is performed.

In such a situation, a quiet title action will allow the court to address any and all claims that could be asserted by interested parties, and render a final judgment as to ownership as to the property in question.

The Law Firm of Robert Peters handles quiet title actions throughout Florida. As a Real Estate Investor and a Graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Real Estate, Robert understands what needs to be done to get a clear title on your property so you can proceed with selling or re-financing it with as minimal problems as possible.

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What is a Quiet Title?
A quiet title action is a law suit that is brought in a court to obtain a final determination as to the ownership of a specific piece of property. It is usually brought when various individuals can assert a right of ownership ...
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